Diana Gordon

In this global period of  fear and isolation…

Art has the power to connect us at the deepest levels. 

About Me


  • Artist-Instructor at AGH and DVSA

  • AGH Volunteer Docent

  • Curator: Art-in-Canada.com

  • HCA School of Classical Realism 4 Year,  2009-2012

  • DVSA Certificate Level 1 plus, 1996-2009

  • BAC Mentor Program 2000

  • M.A. 1983 – McMaster U.

  • B.A. 1977 – U. of Toronto

I am an archaeologist, a mother, an art educator and website curator among other roles.  I have been painting and exhibiting in the Hamilton-Toronto- Burlington region for 30 plus  years.

Art is communication. Not simply with a viewer. It is also a way of  revealing our inner self, to ourselves. Creativity comes from the centre of Being. For me, teaching means encouraging students to let their creativity flow.

As an archaeologist, I literally dug down into the earth to learn about prehistoric peoples of the Boreal Forest and their material culture. Perhaps this is why I paint northern Ontario landscapes and still life objects.

My children’s explosive creativity led me to explore my own, through courses at the Dundas Valley School of Art (DVSA),  and by painting my domestic journey through motherhood. Family trips to great galleries immersed me in Art History. I explored 17th century painting techniques at the School of Classical Realism (Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts).

As a Volunteer Docent at the Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH),  each new exhibition delights.  I once embarked on a 6-month project to explore Cézanne’s unique approach, and then Van Gogh’s.

When teaching art at the AGH and the DVSA ,  I like excavating with my students – digging down to that essential concept, technique, or method in our joint exploration of art making.

http://www.dianagordon.com and  http://www.art-in-canada.com

August 2019